New Office.. New Life.. New Goals


Finally I have an office after doing blogging for 3 years in a single room, where all family members used to sit. Yeah.. We had only one room.. I know this might surprise you... but this is the bitter truth. You can imagine the life of a blogger when Television at his home is just 1 feet away continuously entertaining your family members.. and you are sitting beside just to convert your dreams into reality. And I spent 3 years blogging life like that.. I know this was hard.. If … [Read more...]

I turned 28 Today :) – Lesson Learnt and Journey So Far


Yeah.. 28 awesome years on beautiful Earth. I was born on 13th June, 1986 on Friday... and it's Friday again today. So all I can say is - I am reborn. I met so many awesome people in these 28 years and learnt great lessons from them. So today I am going to talk something about my life and my lessons. Around 11 o'clock I got a call from my friend.. After wishing me Happy Birthday, the next question from his side was - Are you going to write an article on it" Till that time I had … [Read more...]

3 BlackHat SEO Techniques Which Can Destroy Your Blog Credentials


Good SEO is the dream of every blogger. Even a newbie blogger can do good SEO, but how perfectly you do this task is more important. SEO is like a life saving dose for a blog, because it can help your blog to survive for long time. A lots of techniques are available to implement good SEO for your blog. Every Coin have two aspects so SEO also. Where there are Good and well reputed SEO techniques are available on the internet there are some bad techniques also which can give you quick result. … [Read more...]

A Discussion on the SEO and freelance writers


With the brewing up of internet marketing, many people are coming up with the questions regarding SEO for instance, what are SEO copywriting and other questions.  If you happen to aspire to become a freelance web content writer, this article would be fruitful to you.  The job of freelance writers is in great demand, due to the rising passion for the internet marketing.  The content is required every now and then for any kind of business.  In such, the writers who can provide a good SEO articles … [Read more...]

How Much Should Be Your Writing Frequency?

photo credit: JohnONolan

You hold a blog and looking for the answer about what should be a good writing frequency then you are at right place. Daily updating itself is a key to get your blog ranking fast. Updating blog is the continuous process, because your blog itself contains two words... WEB + LOG = BLOG So when you are posting something on your blog your preparing a web log. You share your information with the world and people are always in the search of some good content on your blog. Making People to engage … [Read more...]

Dancing for a Cause with Dance India Dance Season 4

mk dancing

Few days back I got chance to attend Dance India Dance meeting held in Delhi. As this meeting was organized by IndiBlogger community so it was the best opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and know something new about DID season 4. Dance India Dance is a great initiative taken by ZeeTV to find hidden gems from India and help them to achieve new milestones in their life by dancing. DID has already conducted 3 successful seasons in India and this entertaining program has earned huge TRP in … [Read more...]