Are you doing SEO for your MIND?

You might be confused that why I am saying SEO or Search Engine Optimization for mind?

What is the need of doing SEO for mind and how to do this?


Friends, Here I am talking about Self Esteem Optimization.

This is a kind of optimization without which you cannot do anything. You cannot think big and dare to think big if you don’t have Self Esteem.

According to Wikipedia – “Self-esteem is a term used in psychology to reflect a person’s overall emotional evaluation of his or her own worth.”

I have seen that you are putting your best of the work to make backlinks for your blog, either they are harmful or good but you are making them. You are doing this because you know that if you will do this then your blog will rise.

You are writing articles on your blog, because you know if you will write more, your blog will grow more.

You are making connections because your mind says, if you will make connections your blog will grow.

But are you doing any SEO for your MIND?

This is the question to think upon so I decided to write on this topic.

My dear friend, if you are putting your best for your blog but not preparing your mind to face the failure, then it’s either today or tomorrow, you are going to FAIL.

If you don’t preparing your mind to think big and learn from your mistakes then there is more probability that you will FAIL.

So how to do SEO for Mind?

Go to any successful person in this world.

Ask them how he got success?

You will get same answers, “I was having ‘BURNING DESIRE’ to become successful.”

They were so much committed for the success that either it is day or night, they were having only one VISION that they are going to SUCCEED.

Start Reading great books

If you are feeling any block today then take rest and read the books in this period.

It is said that, “Book are true friends.”

Like this statement has been proved for all human beings, this will work for you too.

Check  – Must Read Books for Bloggers

Start Watching Inspirational Video

This is one the thing which I love to do most.

Go to TED and start watching videos there. They will give you a new energy and you will learn some new fundamentals of life.

Go to YoutTube and start searching for “Inspirational Video”, “Inspirational Speech”, “Motivational Speech” and start trying to feel them. Such videos will give new boost to your life and you will start watching this world with different prospective.

Final Words.

I agree that in life sometimes we feel too much disappointed and all doors seems to be closed for us.

But there is always light at the end of tunnel.

Keep pushing you forward and giving DOSE to your mind so that you can make it more strong.

See you soon in next article.


    • Kulwant says

      This is not any kind of SEO Ankit.

      I have increased the space so that readers can read it very easily. I have added 28px space between paragraphs to give more readability.
      Kulwant recently posted..Why I started Hating My Profile

  1. says

    yes I am doing SEO for my mind and it really helps me in working online because we blogger, freelancers need lot of motivation and new ideas to stay ahead of others…. I really suggest some one new in blogging to do SEO for their mind first then doing SEO for their blogs
    chetan recently posted..4 Things To Do Before Starting Your BlogMy Profile

  2. says

    actually kulwant my long term goal is to be a motivational speaker and teach people on self improvement but before that i know i need to acquire many skills which will only come if i read and follow other great speakers, bloggers. I know its difficult but am sure will get there some day

    • Kulwant says

      Life have simple fundamental – if you can think, you can achieve.

      Do you know why only you have this GOAL?
      and why your friends are not having same GOAL?

      Because you have the capability to achieve this.

      All the very best from my side.
      Kulwant recently posted..Are you doing SEO for your MIND?My Profile

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