3 BlackHat SEO Techniques Which Can Destroy Your Blog Credentials

Good SEO is the dream of every blogger. Even a newbie blogger can do good SEO, but how perfectly you do this task is more important. SEO is like a life saving dose for a blog, because it can help your blog to survive for long time. A lots of techniques are available to implement good SEO for your blog.

Every Coin have two aspects so SEO also. Where there are Good and well reputed SEO techniques are available on the internet there are some bad techniques also which can give you quick result. Blackhat SEO is one of the famous technique to get results quickly.

Do you really think this one day or one month success or fame will help to reap real fruit in future. This is for those people who are afraid of to get real success. BlackHat SEO tricks will for sure boost your blog value for some time but in future it will lead to get banned from Google.

What kind BlackHat SEO are available ?


Fake Traffic

These Tricks include getting some IPs from the internet and using some fake methods to boost blog traffic. I have seen some people who are claiming that my blog is getting 7K or 9K or 15K visitors per day even if my blog is just 30 days old. For the first sight it sounds crazy as well as awkward also, because for getting 7K daily visitors your blog must have well written and highly SEO optimized article.

Backlink Builder

Some techniques are available which will help you to boost your blog backlinks in just one click. These techniques are good up to a point. If you are using these techniques once in a month then they are good but of you are doing these BlackHat SEO techniques daily and building backlinks daily then Google is going to catch you soon. So never used these techniques in excess.

Search Engine Submitter

Some techniques are available which claims that they will submit you blog to the tops search Engine which will help you to get good rank as well as good traffic. While doing these tricks you are really doing very bad things for your blog because submitted again and again is considered as SPAM. All the search engine crawlers are so smart that they index your blog data at their own, so no need to submit your link into Search Engines.

So using wrong techniques always gives wrong output and it leads to feel shame in future. Once Google will catch you they will sandbox your domain and there is no chance to get recover from sandbox. because in this world there is nothing out of the range from GOD and you know Google is GOD of the internet, so once they rejected you no one an helps you and all your hard word will go in waste.In my final words I would like to say that never ever use these Balckhat SEO methods to get one day fame.

Do good blogging and stay away from BlackHat SEO. :-)


  1. says

    All the 3 points are extremely important from SEO point of view, but newbie bloggers always fall prey and practice these Black Hat Techniques.


  2. says

    Any sort of Black Hat technique may be harmful to your blog. One need to stick to the basics and follow simple seo techniques. Eventually sooner you’ll get good result in serp’s.

  3. Bilal Khan says

    It’s surprising for you that someone can get 7K visits in a month. I had one post on my site and it had 12000 users online at once. It’s every individual perspective how thing goes. You can’t just say that it’s surprising. There’s nothing surprising about it.

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