Blogging is a Business; Confess it or Not, But YES it is

Gone the days when people used to blog what they love.

Gone the days when people used to blog about the things for which they are passionate about.

Gone the days when people used to blog, FOR NO MONEY.

And finally gone the days when people used to blog for PEOPLE.

Blogging have been turned into a big business and people are coming into blogging with only one intention in mind, and that is; MONEY.

Who in this DAMN FAST world have time to write free and to serve people, and without looking for their own benefits?

PS: They are some exceptional cases too, who are doing work for charities and really helping people without even getting paid a PENNY.

Idea about writing this came in my mind as I am seeing many bloggers those are saying, “you are not a blogger, you are a businessman.” For me I would like to be called businessman rather than blogger. Because no one knows in our society that what blogging is, but they know very well about businesses.


Why I am saying it a business?

I have some strong points which will force you to think upon it. After reading complete article you will also be saying that we are into blogging business and we are on the right path.

So let’s start.

1. You are devoting time like your business

If you are a newbie then I can bet that you are spending 10+ hours daily on your blog. Even I spent in my starting days and still spending this much time daily for my blogs.

You are putting all your efforts either they are to make backlinks, to write guest posts or to submit article in social bookmarking sites, you are doing this to make your blog popular. You are doing this because you know when your blog will reach at a level you will be making awesome money.

Businesses also do the same. They put 100% of their efforts to make their company popular.

So if you are giving time to your blog, then in short you are building your business.

2. You are making connections

No business in this world got success without making links with people.

Getting connected with the people of same niche is one of the thing which every leader did in the industry. This is the only blueprint which will widen your circle because, “People recommend people.

You are making connections with them so that you can exchange the ideas and you can learn something new from them.

You are making connection so that you can takes benefits from them, either your motive is to turn them into loyal reader or to get some other blogging benefits. But at the end you have some motive in your mind like businessman have.

3. You are worrying about your blog growth

Tell me one thing – Why are you crying when Google is banning your AdSense account?

Answer is simple – because now you know that making money will be hard without AdSense.

Every blogger is worrying about PageRank, Traffic and various other blogging factor. They are into depression if they are not getting traffic and even into more depression when Google gave them PR2 from PR4 on their sites.

You have same mind-set like businessman have. This is same like you have set-up your firm and customers are not coming in your outlet. It is same like graph of your business growth is degrading and you are worrying.

So, if you have any worry in your mind about your blog then you are into business. :)

4. You are investing money in it

It’s great if you are investing money in your blog.

Either you are buying premium theme, plugin or buying any keyword research software.

You are doing this because you know very well that this will increase your traffic and you will be having more business with your blog.

Business always need investment to make it big and to reach maximum audience. So if you are doing this then you are on right path.


Final Words.

I have expressed my thoughts about blogging business. For me blogging is a full-time business and I am very serious for my business. I am putting my best to make it popular and take it to next level.

Hope I will be having YOU with me in this journey.

Start treating your blog like a business, because until this is a hobby you are not going to make big with it.

All the very best. See you soon in next article.

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A Blogger, Writer, Day Dreamer and an Ordinary Human doing his best to become extra ordinary. I love to read Entrepreneurial stories.


  1. There is a famous quote saying, Either you can blog or you can do business! If you are so much inclined towards doing business, then you why dont you sell clothes or mobile phones? The pointers which you mentioned here, are about monetization of the blog. Yes, for making money via Adsense or Affiliate or Direct selling, you do need to make connections and think about traffic and invest time/money.. but these are the secondary things. A blog should be treated like teaching.. sharing the best knowledge without any hidden intentions.. maybe I am old fashioned or maybe the world is too commercial for you :)

  2. Hello Kulwant,

    People always want a benefit, or have a benefit behind everything they do. It’s like equilibrium if i’m doing something for you then I need something form you of equal value. Noting in life comes for free. everything comes with a price tag, even your smile and tears. The more you pay the more you get.

    If people are saying that they don’t have a goal or any kind of aim behind what they are doing then I’d like to say to them, “confess; we know why you are here and what you want from us. We just trying to ignore it.”

    We all have our reasons and purpose behind everything, it’s just sometime the reason can be good or sometime it can be bad. But that depends on the person you are asking for help. Remember; the more you ask the more you pay. You might not realize this but sooner or later you will. So, it better to be aware what you’re doing and how you’re doing.

    if you have back goals then try to state them in-front. you do that and people will do what you ask them to do. it’s as simple as that.

    Even I blog and write to get something in return. The one commen thing is money and other always varies like influence, comments, name and blah, blah. But I never make money my reason to work, It’s just a result that I expect from my work.

    The people who ask me why I write?

    I always reply, “I’m a writer by my passion not by my profession.”

  3. Right bro,I mean why anyone spend their time on which thing where they doesn’t get any money from it.Time is Valuable more than money.

  4. Really truth Brother! If one statement is said that ” you are not going to be paid for blogging” than approximately 95% or more stop blogging and remaining are writers, those who have passion for writing.
    Simple statement is that their is self interest behind everything!!

  5. Hi bro, yes I’m in the list who promoted the phrase: “you are not a blogger, you are a business man”. But, I see that many are still not understanding the fact. If we take blogging as a business then there’s nothing wrong but along with that we must be a blogger too. If we want money from blogging then we have to become a blogger first and then a business man.

    If we want more money from blogging and if we invest money too, then we have to take it as a business and work for its growth. But, the one who never thought of helping his readers and always hires writers should never be called a blogger.

    I’m definitely going with your article and the points you have added up here, yes blogging is a business, we all know that. But if I’m blogging then I would want people to call me a blogger first, but not a business man.

    I appreciate the hard work of the people who comes in the list “you’re a blogger and also a business man” but not of those who take blogging only as a business. Blogging itself means sharing, helping and teaching what you know.

    If I know something and teach that art to someone, then I can get paid for teaching. Why will I not take money? I too pay bills; but, first my intention will be to teach and then to make money. And that’s what professional bloggers do.

    I’m glad you wrote a post by focusing the other side that blogging is a business and I agree with you as well. But newbies who are starting with blogging should first try to become a blogger and then a business man, I believe that.

    • Kulwant says:

      You have strong points Avi.

      It is true that we will have to treat it like business and we will have to set up our mind in the business way only.

      At first we all are bloggers but to become successful in blogging we will have to think like businessman. As I mentioned in my article that we will have to make links with other bloggers and promote it same like all businessman do for their businesses.

      I pointed the point of being called a BUSINESSMAN because our society don’t know what does blogger means. Even I would like to be called as BLOGGER among techie and like-minded people.

      Starting from blogging and reaching at businessman level would really be a nice journey, and I am moving ahead step by steps. :)

      Thanks a lot for doing great conversation.
      Kulwant recently posted..Are you doing SEO for your MIND?My Profile

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