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Why “Blogging Niche” is Better in Blogging

Blogging is a wonderful experience widening our horizon in different ways. As we know the hottest Niche on internet is about Health, but this is best for those who are health conscious so that he/she will be able to write more expressively about it. And For a techie guy no doubt tech niche is best. From tech Niche you can be in touch with all technical products and digital world news. But I think other niche are like copy paste except Blogging Niche.

What do you think people do in tech Niche ?

Any Mobile, any gadget, any digital product coming in market have only one type of unique features so the only thing we can do is copy the product features and paste it on our blog. we cannot change the features of products in our own words.

That’s why I love “Blogging Niche” only. and here are the reason why I love it.

Here are advantages of Blogging Niche

  • It Improve writing skill

Blogging Niche need too much good writing skills because this is the weapon which will enthrall your visitors. So along with handling your blog you can also become freelance writer which will give you a lots of clients who are looking for good writers.

  • It Improves Creativity

Writing needs a lots of creativity. In Blogging Niche you can play with the words and make a story to express your words. it is said that ” Creativity sells” so you can do different experiments with your creativity.

  • It Improves SEO skills

SEO is the most concern factor for any niche of blog. without SEO your blog is zero. So a person writing on blogging niche learn more about SEO so that he can teach the world with his own way. A good blogger will always want that people comes to his/her blog and have some real valued stuff.

  • It widen your Circle

I personally got too much calls in day about blogging tips because my blog is about Blogging Niche where I try to put all my best efforts to tell my visitor about blogging. As there are too much blogs are rising these days so you can make your identity between them by helping them to make good blogger.

So in my final words I would like to say that Blogging Niche is filled with a lots of things to learn and improve.

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Faisal Reza says February 17, 2012

Hi, Kulwant,
I enjoyed with your tips about Blogging Niche. For me blogging niche is great tips for beginner to compete the ready blogger out there. Well done job. :-)

sandeep Kumar says February 17, 2012

Great post Kulwant….. I like blogging niche because it give a satisfaction to me that I am doing something different (not just the copy paste)than others…..
I am learning and sharing my knowledge……

srinath reddy says November 12, 2012

I agree with your points. but now a days blogs are growing tremendously and the competition for blogging tutorials and tips is very high. we should always concentrate on quality instead of quantity if we opt blogging nichie.

Raplus says November 15, 2012

I like blogging niche. That’s why I have created blogging niche blog. :-)

Chetan says November 28, 2012

Good post there.
Also, it has been my personal observation that Blogging is a niche that generates more traffic these days on the internet than other niches.
That is only a personal observation, though.

Kashish says December 2, 2012


Really nice & well written post, No doubt writing on blogging niche really helps but it for that one needs to have much more experience which is only gain by starting with other niches. :)

Ramesh RamGopal says December 6, 2014

Thank you sir for this good post.

Jaidayal Saraswat says April 9, 2015

Yeah Thats why i am writing blogging niche :)
Jaidayal Saraswat recently posted..Self Hosted WordPress Vs Blogger : Which One You Should ChooseMy Profile

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