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Happy New Year 2013 :)

Today we entered in year 2013.

This is the year which according to Mayans doesn’t exist (According to them world was going to end in 2012).

But yes, we entered in this YEAR after defeating all those wrong predictions.

So Very Happy New Year and Welcome in New Year of your life.

2013 is the year after 26 years which have all the digits different (it was before in 1987). So All I can hope is this year is going to bring some odd and beautiful changes in our life as it is already an odd year.


Year 2012 was a mix of emotions year for me. In that year I don’t only improved myself as a better writer but managed to run various online projects too.

Year 2012 started for me as a very exciting year for me as I started a new project and met with too many people for the success of the project. I spent too many sleepless nights for the success to make it happen. I was having big dreams about this as this was going to give 180 degree turn in my life. But finally I defeated and I failed. This incident broke me totally. :(

That was a moment in my life when you see that everything is destroyed and you don’t have more courage to face more challenges in life.

But I was still there in the hope to start from scratch and do something much better.

Then I served as a Tutor in Mentor Graphics. Which was a very new experience for me as I was teaching students first time in my life.

After doing 6 months job there I decided to come back in blogging and finally on 15th July I was back at home to prove myself in Blogging.

So I can say 2012 was a mix of emotions for me. Where at one stage I was broken and at the end I am a successful blogger now. :)

What are the plans for 2013?

In year 2013 I am going to expend blogging and going to do many experiments.

Very first task I am going to do is E-Mail Marketing so that I can connect in a better way with my readers.

Willing to start a blog maintained by top bloggers only. This will be the kind of blog where all will be the owners.


Hope you are also having big plans for year 2013 and going to big in your life.

All the very best and thanks for spending your valuable time to read my article. I would love to hear from you about your future plans.

Comments are open to share your thoughts.

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