I Got My AdSense Back. But How?

Bloggers from all across the globe are very much dependent on AdSense. Many bloggers/internet marketers are making huge money with AdSense and for them AdSense is everything. Every new blogger who enter in blogging know only one thing.

And that is – Google AdSense.

I know very well that you also entered in blogging knowing only one thing in mind.

This is the old-school story of every newbie blogger.


Like all other bloggers, I also applied for AdSense just after 2 months of starting my blog and my account got approved.

I was very much happy after getting AdSense account (You can understand the happiness of newbie after getting AdSense :)).

I started using ads on all my blogs (yes all) and never made money with it. I got my first AdSense cheque of $106 almost after 15 months of blogging (Just 2 months back). Now you can clearly understand how much dependent I was on Google AdSense. 😛

I understood that this is not working for me, so I started looking another methods and soon found many others.

I was using AdSense on my blogs just because blogs look professional if you have some ads displaying on them (my assumption). :)

I don’t even login my AdSense account and check it after 10-15 days only.

But due to some invalid clicks my account got disabled.

Here is screenshot of the mail they sent me on 11-04-2013.


Why Account got Disabled?

Many AdSense publishers were saying on social media as well as various forums that they are getting too many click on ads and CTC is too much high for them.

I never worried because my main source of earning is not from AdSense.

Even after reading such messages from many bloggers I was too much lazy to take actions. So I kept my ads as it is.

I was also getting 300-500 clicks in a day and for 2 days I got 1000+ clicks. In usual days I never login in my AdSense account to check  my earnings. And you know the reason. 😉

But those days I kept checking and found I was getting many clicks.

This was simply click bombing attack on asian users and some bad minds wanted accounts of asians got disabled.

And finally one day they disabled my account also.

How I got it back?

As I told you, in those days I kept checking my account every day.

(Mistake I made – I never took any screenshot of invalid clicks and never noted down the suspicious IPs. So if you are getting such invalid activity on your account then keep taking screenshots of your account.)

Whenever I was getting huge clicks, on the same days I was reporting to Google about all activities. I kept filling this form and reported almost 3-4 invalid activities to Google. I was still so lazy that I hadn’t removed the ads from my blogs (big mistake).

So when my account got disabled I was so annoyed that I wrote on long post to go against Google and called all publisher to remove ads from their blog (Silly Mistake).

Reason behind going so crazy was one of my friend’s account got disabled when he was having around $1000 in his AdSense earning.

But soon I realized that my action was childish and many good bloggers suggested me personally not to waste time on such things to go against Google. Because Indian publishers are not adding too much ROI for the advertisers. We have very less CTC as compared to other countries, this simply means that they don’t believe that Indians will buy the things.

So My AdSense was disabled.

But again I never cared much about taking any action or did any appeal for the account re-enable.

Suddenly one Facebook friend Rohit Chugh asked me, “Have you filled the form to re-enable the account?”

I said, “No, I haven’t filed any such form.” (Although 6-7 days had passed with my account disabled)

He sent my link of this form and I simply filled it. Saying following 2-3 lines.

Hello Google AdSense Team,

I am AdSense publisher from India and I am using AdSense on my blog from past one year.

As I was getting too much clicks on my ads these days, so I have reported your team about the invalid clicks activity 3-4 times. Most of the traffic coming on my blog was from USA and there were huge invalid clicks on my ads.

I don’t have any screenshot to show you proof but your team might be aware about these clicks as I already said that I have reported 3-4 times.

Please have a look on my account and let me know if I can get it back.


Kulwant Nagi

This was the simple mail I sent to them.

Suddenly I came across one blog and read that it was just a click-bombing attack on asian users. After reading that article I was damn sure that I will get my account back because I haven’t violated any terms and conditions.

Yesterday I got following mail.


This was the whole story how I got my account disabled and how I got it back.

Hope your account will not be disabled and you will keep making good money with them. In case of any invalid activity just report them to Google and be on safe side.

photo credit: quickonlinetips


  1. says

    I was also facing invalid clicks from USA and finally i have removed Ads from my blog and waiting for a better time. But, i did one thing, is that whenever i receive and invalid click at the same time i report it to google. Now my ads are not displaying on any of my blog that’s why my account is safe :(

    Anyways thanks for detailed information because many bloggers have lost their old accounts and they were in depression because of banning. Now they can appeal to Adsense and can recover their accounts.
    Adnan Shahid recently posted..Samsung Not Just Your Mobile Phone ManufacturerMy Profile

  2. says

    First of all, congrats for your account.

    Yes many of my friends are getting their accounts disabled by Google. Even I am too of your type, I hardly look to my Google adsense account to look over my earning.
    But now, I daily keep an eye over my adsense report everyday to keep track on clicks.
    sudheer pal recently posted..Top 5 Best Battery Saver App for AndroidMy Profile

  3. says

    This will definitely help ot newbie blogger like me :) lekin bas bhagwan se dua hai woh din kabhi na aae, jis din muje in forms ka use krna pade 😉 Well thanx 4 dis info, thanx a lot :)

  4. says

    Hey Kulwant,

    Happy to know that your adsense accounts got enabled again. However after reading your post, I need to make some points here –

    1. Its not very true that Indian Publishers doesn’t have a good ROI. I am an adword advertiser for the past 2 years and targeting only Indian market. The returns has been very good. So it totally depends how an advertiser be an Indian or any other nationality optimize their campaigns.

    2. Low CPC for Indian ads is because of the low CPC advertisers pay here (as compared to west).

    My advise would always be to all your readers would be to distribute their risk, i.e. not just depend on adsense, start exploring other options like affiliate marketing. They have a lot more potential.
    Vikash recently posted..Snapdeal.com – Upto 50%+20% Off On Fashion ProductsMy Profile

  5. says

    Hello sir, I am following your blogs since 8 Months, Sir i want your help sir my Adsence was disabled and the message came from Google Adsense was” Your Site is not Compete with our Rules” whats this sir i cant understand please help me waiting for your reply sir

  6. says

    Hi Kulwant,
    That was really a life savior tips for me and others. I also have the same problem. But, I tried for 2-3 times and couldn’t get my Adsense account back. I’ve lost hope and my site was going to be messed up with offsite topic articles and links. But now I have hope and I’ll again try with your tips here. But, is it still possible to get back my Adsense account back?
    Upendra Shrestha recently posted..Cartoons for child’s entertainment and knowledgeMy Profile

  7. says

    Hi Kulwant,

    Adsense accounts are really important for any blogger. That may not be only the another source of earning but also a kind of reputation!

    I also got ads disabled for one of my sites though it was not account wide but for a particular site.

    We often hear that Google does not listen the requests of reinstallation and often give up the attempt. However, it’s not true. I also filled their form after couple of weeks with very generic disagreement. I did not have any proof to show. Anyway Google was kind enough to reactivate ad delivery.

    I learned that Google is not cruel deaf.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..3 Techniques That Helped Me Earn $400 A MonthMy Profile

  8. umair says

    oh, I can’t believe that adsens still acting like 6 months child. Still no protection to adsense users. my account was banned 3 years back for the same reason.

    They will not

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