Is Blogging Quick-Rich Scheme? #Blogging Truth

So you are here and want to know the real truth of blogging.

If you are atleast 1 year old blogger then I am sure that you know the truth, but if you are just a newbie then stick with me for just 10 minutes and you will know the truth.

“Blogging has changed thousand of lives and people have made million dollars with blogging.”

This is one of the statements which might be the reason that you joined blogging. Because thinking of most of the people is, “If he is making $1000 a month then I can also make it easily, and the only thing I will have to achieve this is start a blog.”

Friends your thinking is not wrong.

Because I always say, “Think Big, Dream Big.”

But what is the wrong with your statement?

You are just thinking; If he is making money, I will also make.

Here I will say, “Problem is not with your thinking, but the main problem is not understanding it clearly.”


Let’s start the discussion now.

If you are into blogging (whatever niche it is) and not able to make money online then something is wrong with you as well as your activities.

Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme and here I am going to put some points which will strengthen my saying.

Blogging is a process to learn slowly and you will make money only after learning few basics of it.

You cannot take degree until you pass the exam

Have you ever heard about anyone who got B.Tech, MBA, M.Sc or any kind of degree without study or without learning the things?

Note: There might be some person who got with wrong methods. Such people don’t survive in their life for ling time.

You might have cleared your last class with good exam and now you are studying good in your current study.

But this question is, “How you entered in the next class?”

Simple answer of this question is – You learned the things in previous class and passed the exam.


In the same manner blogging is no more less than passing an exam.

You took one year to clear your previous class, then why here you are thinking to clear this in just 2-3 months?

You will have to change your thinking and your desire to make money online as fast as possible.

Give yourself some time to learn the things and then wait for the results.

Very soon good things will start happening to you and you will start making good money online.

You will have decide one thing.

Most of the people who fail in online world have one biggest problem which is called INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

You are filling your mind with so much ‘crap‘ information that your mind is not able to take right decision.

This is one of the mistakes which I also did.

Human nature is, we always want more.

Stop yourself and just think what you are doing and is it going to help you in your online career?

Once you will be able to find wrong things and decide right things, soon you will see big improvement and doors will start opening for you.

Don’t try to find quick ways to boost traffic.

Traffic is the only thing which everyone want.

I know you are also trying your best to drive more traffic on your blog.

But Stop !!

If you are using any wrong methods just to increase the numbers in your Analytics tracking then it’s time to STOP.

Such traffic is neither going to help you grow your blog nor you are going to make any money with such traffic.

let’s take one simple example.

There is one blog called and it is 2 years old blog having 700 posts.

You started your blog 3-6 months back and having 100 posts now.

Which blog will have more traffic?

I know, the answer is very much obvious.

So for getting more traffic on your blog you will have to spend some time in this online world as well as you will have to increase number of posts on your blog with time.

Note: There are some niche blogs which are having only 10 posts and driving traffic more than those blogs having 700-1000 posts. but you will have to learn the basic before starting a niche blog.

Final Words

I appreciate that you started blogging either with passion or to make money. But the thing is you will have to learn too much basic to drive traffic on your blog as well as make money online.

Don’t try to use any black-hat methods, because at the end they are going to kill your blog.

All the very best.

Now your turn.

Share this article with your friends who are feeling frustrated from blogging and who wants to make quick money.

Share this article so that they can know the truth behind blogging.


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