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My visit to USIEF (United States-India Educational Foundation)


Study is the continuous process and you must always be ready to learn something each and every day. Few days back I got a E-Mail in my INBOX where I was invited in USIEF for attending a international meeting. I was like super excited to attend this meeting and to gain some knowledge from USA delegates.

I got the E-Mail on 2nd April that you are invited to USIEF meeting on 7th April. From the same day i decided that i will go in the meeting and learn something new from there. So I started my journey from Fatehabad to Delhi which are around 250 KM away from each other. I didn’t want to be late so reached there 1 day before the meeting.


I was the first candidate who reached in the United States Office with too much excitement.

This meeting was organized by Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA. This is 7th best school in the USA in Engineering.

Here is the LOGO of RIT


RIT Campus

THE CAMPUS occupies 1,300 acres in suburban Rochester, the third-largest city in New York state. RIT also has international campuses in Eastern Europe and Dubai.


  • Listed in 2012 Princeton Review’s “Best 376 Colleges” and “Best Northeastern Colleges”
  • Listed in Princeton Review’s initial “Guide to 286 Green Colleges”

BusinessWeek named RIT among the top programs in North America. RIT is distinguished for “graduating the innovators companies hunger for.”

The Princeton Review ranks RIT among its 25 Most Connected Campuses for computing resources and lists the university in its 2011 “Best 373 Colleges” and its 2011 “Guide to 311 Green Colleges.”

“RIT is rich in treasures at a price that, with the help of cooperative education earnings, doesn’t send most of the students or their families to the poorhouse.” —Barron’s Best Buys in College Education

“For science and technology, RIT is a superior choice. RIT also has an excellent liberal arts program since students must understand both technological developments and philosophical and ethical issues presented by technology.” —Guide to 101 Best Values in America’s Colleges and Universities

RIT was selected as a “Campus Sustainability Leader” in 2009 by the College Sustainability Report Card.


Meeting Session

There were 4 Alumni from RIT and some Online students who were attending the meeting virtually. Meeting started with the introduction about RIT and then they unfolded some of the best features of RIT.

They told everything about how to live there, how cold is the weather, how is the study there, which are the resources to have fun etc.

There was very good queries round about the USA study and they answered all of our questions with simplicity.

So in this meeting I got to know much about RIT and about USA study environment. And will be attending more USA meetings soon to have depth knowledge about study in USA so that i can decide my destiny.

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roots.isbm says April 23, 2012

At ROOTS, students have the opportunity to pursue the Higher National Diploma (HND) awarded by Edexcel, UK, while studying for their regular courses. The Edexcel certifications enrich students with all-round competencies required by corporate organizations. In addition, the HND is recognized in many countries and makes one eligible for a direct entry into foreign university courses.

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Ajit Singh says October 4, 2014

I don’t know why are you promoting RIT so much… The title says My Visit to USIEF and the whole post, you have explained only 10% about it.. Except for this, the whole post is about RIT and it even includes its logo. I mean what’s this?? Is it true blogging or is it your entrepreneurship?? I guess it’s is the best Affiliate Marketing on the internet.

    Kulwant says October 6, 2014

    1. I got admission in RIT with $11,000 scholarship in 2010.
    2. I went to USIEF because RIT delegates were there to tell us more about college.
    3. This is not a sponsored post.
    4. I am not using any affiliate link in this post.

    This is my personal blog where I don’t sell anything. This article was written just as a personal experience.

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