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The Secret: A Life Changing Documentary

First of all I would like to appreciate you, because you are the person who is looking a change in your life.

Life is a long journey and many times in our life we feel disappointed and it looks like there is no joy in our life.

Fighting with life and keeping your mind strong in such situation is the only secret to stay calm.

But what are the things which keeps us motivated in bad time too?

How to calm down our mind?

How to achieve success?

These are some of the questions which comes in mind when we talk to ourselves.

I found this documentary back in 2010 and this worked as positive mind virus for me. I started implementing the things in my life and soon the doors started opening and nature made a perfect way for me.


Let me share some little incidence from my life.

I am a very techie guy and obviously a die hard technology lover. Everytime I wanted to buy any digital product for myself I just kept watching them, collecting their pictures, seeing many videos, and finally putting a high resolution wallpaper on my desktop screen.

With my surprise I got all those things which were in mind and I wanted to buy.

I didn’t knew how this was happening, but yes it was happening.

My brother used to say me, “You have some magic in your laptop, that every wallpaper you put on your screen and you buy those products“.

Even I was amazed that how this can happen?

Then one day I found “The Secret” movie as one good friend of mine recommended me to watch it.

The day I saw this movie everything was clear and I got answer of all my questions.

What was in this Documentary?

This documentary explained that how there are energies around us and how we attract the things?

How we get everything in our life and how we give ORDER to nature to do the tasks for us.

This is one of the best documentary I have ever seen and already seen this atleast 50 times.

Everytime I see this movie this fill a positive energy in me and I start working again with more inner power.


If you seriously want to bring a revolutionary change in your life then go and see this.

I would love to hear from you that how did you felt after watching this.

All the Best !!

The Secret in Hindi

The Secret in English

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Raviraj says January 27, 2013

It was really kinda motivating!.. I have just kept something which I like a lot as my desktop background image. Lets see if I also succeeds like you.. Thanks for sucha kewl inspiring post!

Aman Deep says February 15, 2013

i know this is great movie, bcz i lot more about this even i have book also but i want to see this movie @kulwant nagi please provide me the link for download this movie in hindi

Tushar Thakur says February 21, 2013

Both videos are deleted. Take look please.

Jose says March 9, 2013

Have you read the book? I have completed the book recently and planning to watch the videos too. It’s really amazing. BTW both the video links in your article are removed by YT.
Jose recently posted..Top 6 Benefits of Rooting Your Android DeviceMy Profile

Nishant Srivastava says March 21, 2013

Hi Kulwant
Thanks for sharing this specially in Hindi and english both.. :)
Nishant Srivastava recently posted..How to Keep your Old Blog Posts AliveMy Profile

Sekhar says July 3, 2013

Nice write-up Kulwant, I have read both the books of Rhonda Byrne, The Secret and The Power. Both the books are very motivating, they inculcates positive thinking whoever follows the rules given in the book. i have suggested many friends to read these books to have a life changing experience. Its nice to see you sharing your good experiences with others.
Sekhar recently posted..How to sync Chrome tabs across multiple devicesMy Profile

Mayur says January 3, 2014

Well, I never got a chance to watch the videos. !! cuz i like reading books. So preferred to buy its printed version !!
I’ve read the full book and got a revolutionary change in my life !
believe me or not, The things are coming on the right path without any resistance to my goals !
Thanks to you kulwant bro for conveying other friends. who are always seeking for a right path. You’re doing good man ! keep it up.
Mayur recently posted..How To Get Free Skype Premium Account Worth $107My Profile

    Kulwant says January 8, 2014

    Mayur, I have also bought book just 4-5 months back.. Reading book was an awesome experience..

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

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