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Why I started Hating “BLOGGING”

Blogging is not too much old. There were the days when people used to blog to share their own life experiences and to share something new.

But after the revolution of the internet and online media, everyone inclined towards blogging.

Some people started it for health, some for teaching, some for entertainment, some for news and many other people on some other niches.

I know blogging niche is better and people are still in love with it. But who think that blogging is easy, they are wrong.

For becoming a better blogger you need atleast 2 years.

This is the fact that in your first year you will see many failure and those failure will decide your destiny.

Many people will leave the blogging after frustration, and few of them will be on a perfect stage after 2 years.

PS : only years don’t matter, you need dedication also.

I started blogging in 2011. That was the time when I used to spent 16+ hours with the internet to learn more and more about the blogging. My first article was submitted on one of the top blog and when I logged in that blog after one day I was flooded with the comments. I was damn happy after seeing the response of my first post which gave me more inspiration.

The comments on that post keeps on increasing and I got 200+ comments on that post (That blog is no longer live now).

These were some of the points because of I am in blogging and still learning to do my best. Because I know Blogging is the tool which can take me to the next level.

But why after one year I am saying “I HATE BLOGGING“.

You must be curious to know the answer.

Here are the points which I Observed.

#1. Blogging is a Sedentary Job

Sedentary means we no longer doing any physical activities. In a job you will do many activities like catching a bus, waiting on bus stop, running when you are late, climbing stairs and many other activities.

But are you doing such activities while doing blogging?

The answer from my side is big NO.

I get up around 9:00 ( YES !! 9:00 AM 😉 ). The very first task I do after finishing the breakfast is to ON my laptop.

I am totally cut off from the activities that I am not finding time for myself.

If you are a newbie blogger then it is ok, but if you are not than you can understand. because once you will spend more time in blogging, you will find yourself plugged with many activities.

So this is the very first reason I have started hating blogging.

#2. Total Cut OFF from Real Friends

Human is a social animal. He cannot live without friends and family members.

After coming to blogging I have lost contact with my real friends.

I am spending too much time with my online friends but I don’t have time to call my friends with whom I spend 4 years in my graduation.

I cannot deny the fact that online friends are also very good friends. I have found many good online friends with whom I share my happiness, my sorrow, my joy and everything, and they feel happy or sad according to the situation.

I am losing touch with them gradualy and I am in fear that in coming two years I will no longer be having any real friends.

#3. Not Getting time to Read Books

Books are the real mirror of life. They can teach you many lessons of life which you will find difficult to understand. Few days back I shared must read books article which I have read and found the best in all.

I am at this stage of life because of getting inspiration from books and reading many good books. But now I am not getting time to even touch them. All my days are passing by playing with the keys on keyboard.

#4. Change in Nature

After spending 1 year in blogging I realized that my nature have been changed. I am no more that person which was one year before. There is little anger in my nature now.

I am observing little inclination to do the things in quickest manner.

Final Words.

These were some of the points which I observed in my life and share with you.

If there is any more point which you will can be a reason to hate blogging then I would like to hear from  you.

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srinath reddy says December 5, 2012

yes the exact things happen to me also. I also hate blogging. but at the same time my interest in blogging making me to continue blogging….:)

Vipin Pandey says December 5, 2012

Though I am newbie in blogging and I start loving it. One think I hate about blogging is that I don’t get time to talk with my friends (Offline Voice Chat). When you talk with your friends you smile, laugh, comment on them.. mind gets fresh and you feel more energetic.

I talk with my friends online mostly text chat. But I can’t laugh loud even I found some laughing matter.


Deepanker says December 5, 2012

Just stuck at this post. I want to say that the theme of website is eye catching. I like you work Kulwant :)
As a blogger sometimes I also hate my work. But still I love it a lot 😀

    Kulwant says December 5, 2012

    Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my efforts Deepanker.

koundeenya says December 7, 2012

Completely agree. I lost most of my school friends’ contacts after I entered into this world an just like you, I love reading books. But now, I always think of reading a blogging related ebook or else spend the same time in writing a new post for my blog.

Amit@Blogging Tips says December 10, 2012

Hi Kulwant, I have seen many bloggers spending their whole day on social networking sites, search new topics etc. for there blog which cuts them from their social life.

There should be proper schedule, proper place and time table to maintain regular blogging tasks. In life we have many important tasks including our social responsibilities which should not be forgotten. So there should be a fix time to update blog/communicate with users which will keep there interest for long time in blogging.

pankaj says May 2, 2013

nice post Kulwant sir, never thought even this happen in filed of blogging thanks for sharing your view point and makeing US learn .
pankaj recently posted..SBI Bank PO recruitment Answer Key 2013 | SBI bank PO exam 2013My Profile

Kunal Ganglani says May 2, 2013

I agree with your points, but Blogging is a very easy way for a common man like us to reach an audience of ( lets say 200 ) in just a day. :) . You have to be a Rockstar if you were not into blogging :D..

rohit chugh says May 2, 2013

very much familiar with your each point. we can not meet new friends. we can’t make new friends. we can’t go in mac-d or domino if we are internet addicted. we can spend time online but if some of our family member tell us any work we will not do for 1-2 hours. because we can’t leave our system. which i think little bit annoying. what you think guys.
rohit chugh recently posted..Some Pros and Cons of Buying Links for Blog or WebsiteMy Profile

Asif Khan says May 2, 2013

Yeah, you are damn right. I don’t get time to meet my friends and go out, I do some physical activities though. Also, becuase of the importance of social media in blogging, i tend to spend most of my time on social networks, not chatting but anlaysing. That is exactly how I landed here on this post from Facebook.
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toqeer says December 27, 2013

Yes you are right it gets bored blogging, just getting away for enjoy of wandering in the daily routines. I think you get too much lazy while sitting at one place, great to see your inspiring thoughts on this matter!
toqeer recently posted..Happy New Year 2014 Facebook Cover PhotosMy Profile

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