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How Much Should Be Your Writing Frequency?

You hold a blog and looking for the answer about what should be a good writing frequency then you are at right place. Daily updating itself is a key to get your blog ranking fast.

Updating blog is the continuous process, because your blog itself contains two words…


So when you are posting something on your blog your preparing a web log. You share your information with the world and people are always in the search of some good content on your blog. Making People to engage with your blog is too much hard and making them your loyal reader is again a hard process but losing them is a very easy JOB.

So must thing about our writing frequency so that we can deliver more quality stuff to end readers and help them to learn something new.

photo credit: JohnONolan

photo credit: JohnONolan

You just don’t post anything on your blog for 10 days and all your visitors will be gone away. In a study it has been proved that a normal visitor open a blog for three times only and if he/she don’t see any updation on blog he/she will never come back.

You must have seen some big blogs like Smashing Magazine, Mashable or Envato etc. they are so big blogs that they have thousands of daily visitors so they have to update the blog daily. because in the technical world there are too much new news in a day and they don’t want to miss any of the single information to share with the visitors.

So What is a Good writing Frequency ?

Your writing frequency is decided by your blog Niche. If this is a tech blog then it need atleast 2-3 updates in a day so that your visitor will never feel lethargic. Everytime he will come to your blog he will see a new information to read.

If you are in blogging Niche then your writing frequency is atleast on post in a day. Why one post ? because in blogging we are teaching something new to the visitor which he/she was looking for and he/she needs time to understand and implement.

For a job person it is little hard to update blog daily. So you can do one thing that in Sunday or any FREE day just write down 2-3 good post and schedule them for the appropriate date so that you will have very less burden and your blogging will go smoothly.

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Priya says December 17, 2013

Hi Kulwant,

I agree with you completely on this one. I used to work with a company where one writer used to submit at least three posts a day to keep their websites running.

But doing something like that when you’re just starting blogging and aren’t in position to hire someone else either, is a difficult goal to achieve. Maybe one post a day can be managed without compromising on quality by writing few in advance.

I can’t update my blog every day, updating it even twice a week sometimes seem like a decision to climb Mount Everest :-).

Thanks for sharing!
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Rohit says February 18, 2014

Hi Kulwant,
Thanks for sharing for those who have job to do but still want to do Blogging due to their Passion..!!! As you can See blogging is the field which is getting vast and vast everyday… IN order to stay updated you have to work in accordance with the time…!!!
Time management is the main thing which is must for every Individual..!!!

Rohit recently posted..How Inspiration can lead you to the steps of Success??My Profile

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