ClickZLive Bangkok: My First International Trip

ClickZLive Bangkok: My First International Trip 1

Finally I achieved one more goal in my 2014's resolution.

An international trip.

I always wanted to travel the world and this just started with the help of blogging.

Last month I got invitation for two events ClickzLive, Bangkok and Apps-World, London. They sent me passes worth $749 and £949 respectively.

Note: Tickets were sponsored by BlogsRelease, so my special thanks to their team.

As I was going alone so I decided to attend Bangkok event first as I am going to attend Apps-World in 2015.

It all started by boarding flight from Delhi International Airport. The journey was 3,050 KM covered in 4 hours.

It was my first international event so you can judge my excitement. I explored the Thailand till late night 12:30 AM and enjoyed a lot.

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At the event there were international speakers like Ben GlynnMike GrehanCrispin SheridanChate SuthitananontHenry Kobutra and many other awesome speakers.

They spoke about Social Media, Customer Retention, SEO, Mobile Marketing, Display Ads, Hacking Growth, Data Driven Marketing and eCommerce growth.

As per learning all the session were great with hell lots of premium information which I never ever read on any blogs.

Few suggestions if you are going to Bangkok for the first time

  1. Get your currency conversion at Indian Airport itself.
  2. In Thailand people don't speak English, so it's good to carry your address in thai language which you can get from Google.
  3. Avoid using Taxi because they charge a lot. Always talk with them to use the meter.
  4. Thailand has metro and skytrain so travel with that only.
  5. Carry your destination map with you.

This is just the beginning as I am going to attend more such session in 2015. 🙂


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