Thailand Trip 2016: Experience and Pics

Thailand Trip 2016: Experience and Pics 1


Thailand: The most beautiful country to have extreme fun.

A country to explore the Buddhist culture and taste delicious street food.

I have visited Thailand twice, both time on a business trip. So I wanted to travel this country again for the holidays.

We planned everything in January 2016 and finally we booked the flight for 14th Feb.

Visiting new countries is always a fun, as we meet new people, visit new places, eat local food and finally stretch yourself to meet unexpected adventures.

Here we are going to talk about my experience during this trip and later I am going to share few pics with you.

Thailand is a very friendly country where people greet you with folded hands every time you to buy something from any shop or do shopping from a big mall.

Such a nice gesture to welcome visitors.

When last time I visited Thailand, I stayed in President Park. I was so happy with the service that I decided to stay in the same hotel once again.

This hotel has very friendly staff, clean rooms, and very awesome room service.

This hotel is at a walking distance from the most famous areas in Bangkok.

Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza are just at a walking distance from the hotel.

So on the very first day, we explored the city and decided to visit most famous India emporium where you can buy almost anything.

My prime reason to visit this place was Gurudwara Singh Sabha Bangkok, because being a Sikh I wanted to visit this place on the very first day of my travel.

After doing some shopping, buying new SIM cards (I opted AIS operator) and having such a great lunch at Phahurat, we headed over to Indra Square Market.

With younger brother and business partner.
With younger brother and business partner.

This was such a crazy day with a lot of shopping and travel.

Next day we planned to visit Lebua sky tower, which is a 64th floor building having an open bar at the top.

Later we explored some most famous places in Bangkok and headed over to Pattaya for next 5 days.


Few Travel Tips For Thailand

  1. Don't buy SIM card from the airport. Go to the city and buy it from any local shop. (AIS preferred)
  2. Get your currency converted in your city itself. Airport charges a lot of extra conversion charges.
  3. Carry slippers with you for a comfort travel.
  4. Eat local. It's cheap and delicious.
  5. Don't carry your costly mobile phone if you are going in crowded areas.
  6. Carry your money on 2-3 different places (some picked my 1000 Baht from the back pocket)
  7. Always carry you passport with you. In case of any emergency or mishappening it helps a lot.
  8. If you love to drink beer, I strongly recommend to buy it from 7 Eleven or Family Mart.
  9. Fun in Thailand starts at 10:00 PM so sleep well for the full day. 😉
  10. Most of the temples close at 18:00, so plan to visit them during day time only.

This was such a fun filled trip for me which I am never going to forget for many years.

My partner summarized this trip in few line – 28 years of life are on one side, these 10 days are on one side.


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