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I turned 28 Today :) – Lesson Learnt and Journey So Far

Yeah.. 28 awesome years on beautiful Earth.

I was born on 13th June 1986 on Friday… and it’s Friday again today.

So all I can say is – I am reborn.

I met so many awesome people in these 28 years and learnt great lessons from them.

So today I am going to talk something about my life and my lessons.

Around 11 o’clock I got a call from my friend.. After wishing me Happy Birthday, the next question from his side was – Are you going to write an article on it.”

Till that time I had no intention to write an article.

But what does a writer needs?

An idea… 🙂

I got the idea to write something about myself and going to share few awesome things with you.


28 Lessons:

1. You cannot grow alone. Help people and let them grow with you.

2. Money is not everything in life.. But for everything in life, you need money.. so respect it.

3. You cannot succeed in life without giving your blood and sweat.. Believe in your work and show the world who you are.

4. Nothing is FREE in this world.. Either you pay via time or money.

5. People will always try to pull your legs.. It’s all on you, what you let them do.

6. Every new technology is this world was once an idea… So if you have an awesome idea, go ahead and do it.

7. For doing something out of the box, you will have to fight with the world.

8. If you continue to do same things in your life, you are going to get same results, no matter how much time you devote to it. So try to learn and do new things.

9. Books can shape your career, select them very carefully.

10. Invest in yourself, because this is something which no one in this world can steal from you.

11. Keep patience… as Rome was not built in a single day.

12. People are biggest the assets.. choose them very wisely for your business.

13. Always note down each and every business activity in your notebook.

14. Keep track of your money flow.

15. Making money is very simple, but not easy.. so if anyone saying you can make $X,XXX in just a few days.. don’t believe, because they have spent many years to say this line.

16. Work so hard for 5 years that you can enjoy next 50 years like a king.

17. Start writing your goals.. If your goal doesn’t have a deadline, by definition it’s not a goal.

18. Success is a journey, not destination.. keep doing best things even if you are successful today.

19. Things which are working today might not work tomorrow.. so keep learning new things.

20. Anything you do in your life, do it if you enjoy.

21. You can build massive wealth in one year.. But that one year will come only after putting efforts for 3-4 years.

22. Health is wealth.. No matter how much money you will make in next 5 years, but if you will be caught by any disease, that money is going to fly in just one year.

23. Give time to your family and friends.. because at your funerals people are not going to count the number of projects you completed in your life.

24. Think big, dream big.

25. The only thing between you and your success is YOU. Once you discipline yourself, things will start happening.

26. When people start talking negative about you… You are on the right path.

27. Help as many people as you can in your life, nothing is better in this world than bringing a smile on a face.

28. In your journey, you will see lots of obstacles.. learn from your mistakes and try to overcome them with time..

Something about me:

1. I cannot live without music.

2. I haven’t watched  TV for last 9 years.. A watch very less, only if there is any special news.

3. I love pets.. I have 3 dogs, 40+ pigeons and 1 parrot at home.

4. I love to visit new places.

5. I love reading books.

6. I believe in helping people.

7. I dream big and dare to achieve them.

8. I am an extreme tech-enthusiastic.

9. I am a very shy guy.. yeah that’s true.. 🙂

10. I hate people who lie and cheat.

11. I don’t have any girlfriend. 😛

12. I can live without food, but not internet.

13. When I decide to do anything.. I do it 100% of the times.

14. I hate winters… actually too much.

15. I hate people and don’t care to join those who taunts girls.

16. I am a very fast learner.

17. I love writing.

18. I can judge people with their appearance or with a 2 minute interaction.

19. I believe in 100% transparency.

20. Blogging is my biggest passion.

21. My English is bad.. So I am working to improve it.

This was almost everything about me. 🙂

My journey

I started my blogging career in September 2011 with my first blog KulwantNagi.com and later shifted all stuff to BloggingCage.com after 3 months in January, 2012.

The first year was like banging head against the walls.

What to do, what to learn, from where to learn and what is best to write were few of the biggest obstacles.

During last 2 years, I learnt great stuff and touched new heights with my blog.

I will continue to help as many people as I can and contribute to the community.

A Happy Birthday to me. 🙂

32 thoughts on “I turned 28 Today :) – Lesson Learnt and Journey So Far

  1. 1st of all Happy Birthday…

    “Nothing is FREE in this world.. Either you pay via time or money.”

    This is the biggest thought and I like it much.

    Byem the way After Reading Some of your facts I can not digest it like :- No. 12 & 22 .

    I am also fan of travelling and new places.

    Again Happy Birthday and Happy Life Journey.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thanks a lot, Charmin.

      Here is explanation of points you asked.

      12. People can help you to grow your business.. So your success depends on people you choose in your journey.. Right people will bring right results whereas wrong people will bring wrong.
      22. If you are not paying attention towards your health then it will start deteriorating with time and you will not be able to recover it once it got unmanageable. One example is – Cervical pain.. which is very common now a days..

      Thanks for your interactive comment. 🙂

  2. It seems like you have got it all right..

    One thing I may doubt is “Work Hard for 5 years and then you will be King for 50 Years.. Your hard work does not decide results but luck can

    • What do you call as luck?

      Suppose there are 5 guys standing in a queue… and they suddenly saw one pot of gold lying just 100 meter away from them..

      My question is – who is going to get that pot???

      and the answer is – The one who will move and put efforts…. The person who is still standing and waiting for the luck is never going to get anything.

      I think your questions might have got cleared.

    • Yes Rahul… Switch to any channel, either they are showing any silly family TV serials which have almost same stories or they are showing you shitty/fake news.. So there is no need to surround yourself with negative messages.

      So I just stopped watching and started utilizing my time to build my business.

  3. Happy birthday buddy I remember the day when you started bloggingcage. We had many call conversations on blogging. Finally we made the right decision to continue this business nd am so happy to see you in such a good position today.

    Keep rocking bro 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Kulwant Bro, You are always inspirational entrepreneur for me and for most of other bloggers. Learned a lot of useful stuff from you and will also follow your guides in futures as well.
    Proud to have such awesome person, entrepreneur, helping blogger in my friend list 😉

  5. Happy birthday Kulwant 🙂

    Interesting share. Agreed, success is journey not a destination and keeping patience is MUST.

    Best of luck for your future.

  6. Happy B’day Kulwant.

    You hate Winters, you hate Delhi…

    Don’t they fall on two different shores of a river?

    And I would love to see your pic along with your Pets. Looking forward to it.

    Frankly speaking, I have seen you since the time you joined the Blogging industry and you have improved a lot 🙂

    All the best.


  7. I am very late to say happy birthday to you but I read all your points and it’s like you are sharing your secrets of 28 years. Amazing points. However two things are similar between you and me I am also shy and don’t have girlfriend :D. And please keep posting in this blog too sometime.

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