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I’m Kulwant Nagi

Founder, Speaker, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and YouTuber. Helping bloggers to monetize their blog with affiliate marketing. I have been blogging since 2011 and witnessed all the major shifts in the digital marketing.

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Let’s break the ice

I am the founder of AffiliateBooster, AffloSpark, and BloggingCage. Delivered my speeches at IIT Kharagpur, JoshTalks, Chitkara University, BlogX, Digital Masters Conference and Success Conference in Vietnam.

I am that curious human being who is always searching for the best tools and techniques to make digital marketing easier. When I am free, I spend most of my time with the books.

YouTube Channel

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with Kulwant Nagi

Having traveled more than 20 countries and meeting some of the best affiliates in the world. Kulwant is here to share how affiliate marketing secrets with you on his YouTube channel and AffiliateBooster blog.
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How to Get Approval from Affiliate Networks Easily - Hindi

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10 Affiliate Marketing Books to Make More Mony with Affiliate Marketing

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Why 96% Bloggers Fail in Affiliate Marketing?

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My Courses

Over 30,000 people all across the world have taken my free training and more than 6600 students have taken my top-rated courses to learn, grow and build their affiliate websites from scratch.

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Work with Me 1:1

Personalized affiliate marketing training for those who are determined to make changes in their blogging career.

The Blog

This is my online home where I share my personal stories and learnings with the world. You might be interested to know what I am doing these days and what new learnings I am exploring. Check my blog below to know more.

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My Favorite Things

Wondering what tools and services I am using to grow my business?

I’ve got you. To make the things simpler and easier, I have started my YouTube channel where I review the products and services which can help you to grow your business.

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